Archives for April 2014

Tax Proposal is Runng Out of Time

The clock is running out on an attempt to ask Illinois voters if they want to replace the flat income tax with a graduated one. The Senate failed to take up the measure Tuesday during its regular session. To survive,the proposed constitutional amendment would have to make it through both the full Senate and the full House before the Sunday deadline.

Killer Sentenced to 50 Years

A killer has been sentenced to 50 years in prison in Decatur. 22 year old Douglas Taylor pleaded guilty to the savage killing of his friend, Justin Mentzer. He and a companion went to Mentzers home in November of 2012 but all along they intended to rob and kill him. The killers repeatedly stabbed their victim with knives and a screwdriver. They hit him with a hammer and suffocated him with a pillow. Taylor partner in crime has also pleaded guilty and will be sentenced in July.

Decatur Restaurant is Expanding

The Main Hangar Restaurant at Decatur Airport, is expanding by 1,300 square feet. It’ll be able to handle acts which require more space such as game shows, and dinner theaters.

Vote on Tasers Coming Next Week

Urbana police chief, Pat Connolly, wants city council to approve tasers for 10 of his officers. Council members are expected to vote on the issue next week.

ShelbyVille Has Message for DNR

Officials in Shelbyville want the Department of Natural Resources to get Eagle Creek Resort open. The DNR says it understands how important Eagle Creek is to Moultrie and Shelby counties.

Internet Scams in Lincoln

A variety of internet scams are making their way around Lincoln. Police advise not to respond to unsolicited email, scan attachments for viruses, and NEVER give out personal information.

Kraft Foods Planning Lay Off

Kraft Foods will lay off 60 people in Champaign as part of a nation-wide cutback. The cuts, among drivers and fleet support staff, will come between Sep. and the end of year.

New Memorial in Champaign

A memorial to fallen firefighters and police officers was dedicated in Champaign’s West Side Park. It replaces a previous one built in 1913 to honor those who lost their lives in the line of duty.

Corn and Soybeans Being Planted

32% of the expected corn crop has been planted in the state, and a handful of farmers have also started planting soybeans. Illinois is one of the country’s largest producers of both corn and soybeans.

Champaign/Urbana is Up, Decatur is Down

In March, local unemployment increased in Champaign-Urbana by 1.8%. Unemployment decreased by 1.6% in Decatur.