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Damien Plato arrested

A 40-year-old man was arrested early Friday morning for striking a teen more than a dozen times with a belt, according to the Decatur Police Department.
Decatur police say officers were sent to a home in the 1000 block of North Dunham Friday morning to speak with the man, as well as the teen and the teen’s brother. According to police, the teen said the man struck him with a belt “20-to-25 times.”
Officers also say they viewed a video, recorded by the teen’s brother about two weeks ago, which showed the man swinging a belt toward the teen. Additionally, Decatur police officers say they saw several marks on the teens arm in “the final stages of healing,” consistent with being struck with a belt a couple of weeks ago.
Decatur police say the man, identified as Damien Plato, 40, was arrested. During an interview with detectives, Decatur police say Plato admitted to striking the teen, saying he went “overboard.”
Plato is facing preliminary charges of domestic battery and endangering the health/welfare of a child, and is due back in court next month.

Courtney Carson elected to the Decatur Board of Education

The Rev. Jesse Jackson believes in second, third and subsequent chances, and when he offered a helping hand to a 17-year-old boy who had been expelled from Decatur schools for a fight at a football game, it was because he thought that young man had potential.
That young man was Courtney Carson, who was elected to the Decatur Board of Education on April 4, the same board that once expelled him.
“It’s a great irony that the child that was thrown away has been redeemed,” Jackson said. “He must employ that experience to help other children.”Carson was one of the so-called “Decatur Seven,” who was part of a fight during the final minutes of a football game between MacArthur and Eisenhower high schools on Sept. 17, 1999. The fight caused a 10-minute delay in the game and a number of ejections from the stadium. Ultimately, six of the combatants were expelled, and a seventh was allowed to withdraw. The incident brought national attention to the Decatur community, and some residents still associate Carson negatively with that time.
But Carson, who is sworn in as a school board member Tuesday, said he draws upon those experiences as he works to mentor young people who might be at risk of following a similar path.

Areested for Marijuana

– Two men have been arrested for trafficking marijuana across state lines, according to the Decatur Police Department.

A postal worker contacted police after he found two packages that were believed to be suspicious. The packages were addressed to a location in Decatur that had been vacant for over a year.

Police say the packages were addressed to “Marco Lopez” to a home in the 1700 block of S. Webster Street.

K9 officers were brought and alerted officers to the presence of a controlled substance. A search warrant was issued for police to search the packages. Inside they found approximately 3,000 grams of a green leafy substance that tested positive for marijuana.

The packages were resealed and delivered to the address listed on the package. Two men were inside the vacant home and accepted the packages. As the suspects were leaving the home police stopped the pair and arrested them.

The men were identified as 31-year-old Carlos D. Taylor and 33-year-old Shawn J. Honorable. Taylor and Honorable are facing charges of cannabis trafficking.

Police say a man threatened his ex-girlfriend with a gun

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Ill.– Police say a man threatened his ex-girlfriend with a gun before turning it on her horse and firing a shot.
Court records obtained say Matthew T. Harrel is facing criminal charges in the April 19 shooting.
He was charges with one count of aggravated animal cruelty, criminal damage to property and aggravated assault.
Police say the shooting happen around 9 p.m. on April 19 in rural Piper City. Officers found a horse who has been shot in the face. The ex-girlfriend told them her ex-boyfriend threatening her with a gun and then shot her horse.
The horse was treated for its injuries at a local veterinarian and is expected to be OK.
Police say Harrel admitted to shooting the horse. Harrel could face three years in prison if convicted.

Scovill Zoo Open at Hickory Point

The Scovill Zoo Open will be held Fri. May 19 at Hickory Point Golf Course. Enjoy a great day of golf, a buffet lunch, prizes, music, and a big afternoon wrap-up party.

Part of W. Division St. Closed Through this Afternoon

The 200 block of West Division St. in Decatur, between North Church and North Union Sts, remains closed to through traffic through this afternoon around 3. Crews are repairing water service.

Woman Facing Charges of Voter Fraud

Macon County Deputies arrested Michelle Mayers, 31, for voter fraud. Records from the Macon County Clerk’s Office show she voted twice in the 2016 General Election – in Effingham County in Oct, and in Macon County in Nov.

Pitch, Hit, and Run Competition at Rotary Park

The Decatur Park District’s MLB Pitch, Hit, and Run competion for boys and girls 7 to 14, will be held May 6 at Rotary Park. Team Championships will be held later at Busch Stadium during a Cardinals game.

A Section of S. 19th St. Closed Through Today

The 500 block of South 19th St. in Decatur, remains closed through this afternoon around 5. Crews are repairing sewer service.

Macon County Sheriff Won’t Run for Re-election

Macon County Sheriff Thomas Schneider says he will not run for re-election next spring. He says he wants to start a new chapter in life with his wife. Schneider will serve the rest of his term.